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    SDCC: Some Gems From DC’s Event Horizon

    By | July 24th, 2010
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    DC Comics’ Event Horizon mostly consisted of old news, but there were three particular interesting announcements from the panel moderated by editor Ian Sattler:

    • Following Alan Moore’s earlier declaration that he did not want the rights to Watchmen back, Ian Sattler’s response to whether or not there would be more Rorschach was just “no comment.” Make of that what you will.
    • Nick Spencer and R.B. Silva will be working on a Jimmy Olsen co-feature in the pages of Action Comics. Expect to see the first in-comic appearance of Chloe Sullivan from television’s Smallville to appear within said co-feature.
    • Aaron Lopresti will be writing a title in 2011 entitled Weird Worlds featuring monster heroes like… Garbage Man? Whether or not this will include previous Vertigo-only characters such as Swamp Thing is up to speculation.

    (via Comics Alliance)

    Walt Richardson

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