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    “Sex Criminals” Joins “Saga” and “Sex” in the No-Fly Zone on iOS

    By | October 23rd, 2013
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    In the vein of other fun titles such as “Sex” and “Saga“, “Sex Criminals” #2 has joined the ranks of comics that Apple does not want on their iOS operating system (although Apple later relented). As Fraction tweeted,

    And also,

    It’s a shame, because while I loved “Sex Criminals” #1, I loved “Sex Criminals” #2. Took the first part of the story and made it even better. One of my favorite new books of the year, hands down. It’s a shame that people won’t be able to buy it on their iOS operating system — but, you can still buy it from Image directly (print or digital, see link above) and on Comixology’s website (again, see link above). So you’re not out of luck completely when it comes to finding your sexy books.

    Interestingly enough, while there is some nudity, there’s nothing particularly gratuitous in this issue that’s really ban worthy in my opinion. Yeah, there’s some naked breast, some penis, some bad language and a naughty rug, but it’s all a) just human bodies and b) not done in a particularly titillating way; that is to say, it’s stuff that serves the story and doesn’t become material you have to hide with other magazines under your mattress.

    Although, I suppose I have really high standards — frozen in mid-air cum doesn’t really bother me. Depends on who you ask, I guess.

    You can judge for yourself if you check out that exclusive NSFW preview we ran. In the meantime, go get “Sex Criminals!”

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