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    Shattered Dimensions Reveals Spider-Man: Noir

    By | March 30th, 2010
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    Activision recently announced a new Spider-Man video game to follow the heels of 2008’s Web of Shadows entitled Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. The game will follow the path of four alternate-dimensional web-slingers as their separate tales fit together to solve one big problem. So far we know of two of these dimensions: the normal, Amazing Spider-Man universe and the Marvel Noir universe. Can I hear an amen for that second one? Gamespot also gave the comic and gaming community alike a first look into the game with both an interview with Activision as well as assorted gameplay clips. I’m a bit off-put by the dizzying first person view (though it looks like it is optional), but it looks interesting for the most part. By far the most exciting part to the comic community, however, is that the script will be written by none other than Dan Slott, a man who loves Spidey as much as Grant Morrison and JMS love Superman (which is a lot). With no date set for when the next two will be revealed, be sure to discuss what version of Spider-Man you want to see in Shattered Dimensions, and expect the game to be released this fall.

    Walt Richardson

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