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    Snyder Ends “All-Star Batman,” Teases New DC Initiative

    By | June 16th, 2017
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    Scott Snyder’s Rebirth Batman book, “All-Star Batman” will end with issue #14 in September after concluding the current “The First Ally” arc with Rafael Albuquerque. Fear not: the series will live in a new prestige format as a part of a new initiative DC is set to announce very soon.

    In an interview Snyder teased the initiative saying it will continue stories he had planned to tell in “All-Star” with artists like Sean Murphy, Afua Richardson, Lee Bermejo, and Paul Pope

    Scott Snyder: That’s right. It’s hard because it’s not actually the end for me in a lot of ways. Essentially, I have started working on the arc with Sean [Murphy] already, and DC has been really excited about some new formats that they’re creating. Part of it is tied to a lot of exciting editorial changes that they announced about a month ago. They’re creating bold, new initiatives – new lanes to drive in creatively – for creators to tell the kinds of stories like I was telling in All Star. They are artist-centric and a little bit left of center in ways that put the artist first, with a new artist format and with a new level of sophistication in terms of allowing for content that’s a bit more, how do I say this without spoiling stuff — adult, I guess.

    Snyder and artist Greg Capullo had a successful run on “Batman” during The New 52 before Snyder transitioned to the Rebirth era to tell new stories with tons of different artists in “All-Star” like John Romita, Jr., Jock, and Tula Lotay. Snyder and Capullo will reunite for “Dark Nights: Metal” starting in August, which is DC’s next big event. Snyder went on to talk in the interview about all of these works really continuing his original “Batman” run, and building a multi-title run like Grant Morrison did in his previous, seven year Bat-family stint.

    Many wondered  why Snyder, a recent DC-exclusive writer, was only on one title when Rebirth began. This new initiative — which runs alongside Dark Matter, Young Animal, and Wildstorm — seems to continue DC’s new experimental phase following the foundational success of Rebirth. Snyder has teased this had to do with editorial changes, including Mark Doyle, previous Bat-family editor being promoted to Executive Editor to oversee “Vertigo, Young Animal, and select new projects.” This new initiative seems to also continue the artist-centric approach at the core of Dark Matter.

    Whatever DC is up to, Snyder appears to be very busy. Check back at Multiversity as we update on DC’s new projects and check out Snyder’s farewell tweets below.

    “All-Star Batman” #14 is out in September.

    Kevin Gregory