So, This Happened: The Internet Responds to the First Jared Leto as Joker Image

By | April 27th, 2015
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A few of us at Multiversity have a semi-regular Friday night Dungeons and Dragons game, and all gameplay came screeching to a halt on Friday night when the following tweet was brought to our attention:

Reactions were, shall we say, strong. And then we started trolling Twitter, and we saw some truly hilarious stuff. Now, as full disclaimer: we all may be full of shit. Leto could turn in a performance that makes Heath Ledger look like Cesar Romero, and we’ll all be eating our words. But the collective sound from the internet, as it so frequently is, was an echo chamber of laughter.

We’ve decided to compile some of our favorite reactions, and share them with you. If we forgot some of your favorites, toss them in the comments!

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