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    So What Is Mark Millar/Francis Lenil Yu’s SUPERIOR?

    By | July 1st, 2010
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    We were a bit late on the original ball, but now we’re right at the forefront: as revealed in this latest issue of Wizard, we now know exactly what the mysterious (and oddly disturbing) Superior teasers were all about.

    So what is Superior? Thanks to information provided by Robot 6/CBR, “Superior is in a lot of ways is the project I’ve wanted to write my entire life. It’s everything I love about those big bombastic kind of Superman/Captain Marvel heroes.” So we’re basically looking at Mark Millar’s interpretation of the Superman archetype in his own creator owned hero. This could obviously go either way at this point, but Millar promises a different tone to the book so I’d imagine this will be less “balls to the wall” than other projects of his. According to Millar, “The story starts with Superior 5 in cinemas and nobody really caring anymore. It’s a character who’s been around for a long time. My love-letter to another costumed hero.” That’s the part of the pitch that I really love, and it’s an obvious reference to a certain hero’s flop a couple years ago. I think that a toned down Millar trying to go for the heart and not the nuts could be really good, and Lenil Yu’s artwork is certainly the best selling point of it.

    According to Rich Johnston over at Bleeding Cool, who has scans of the issue available, “Superior is about a thirteen year old boy with multiple sclerosis who becomes an adult overpowered superhero. More Big than Captain Marvel, he’ll be up against Abraxas who Millar describes as “Darkseid Meets Brainiac Meets Darth Vader.”” So take that as you will. Millar admits that “no one has guessed the tone yet,” so I can only imagine what’s in store for this comic.

    So we don’t know much, and what we do have is slightly confusing, but hey – it’s Mark Millar, so it’ll sell, and it’s Francis Lenil Yu, so it’ll look great. Time will only tell how this measures up with the other Millarworld Properties, and we’ll see how much we like it come it’s release date in October.

    Matthew Meylikhov

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