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    Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley Relaunching “Amazing Spider-Man” in July [UPDATED]

    By | March 1st, 2018
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    Over at ComicBook.com, Marvel have announced that after Dan Slott departs “Amazing Spider-Man” with #801 in June, the title will be relaunched the following month with writer Nick Spencer (“Secret Empire,” “Superior Foes of Spider-Man”) and artist Ryan Ottley (“Invincible”). The creative team also includes inker Cliff Rathburn (also a veteran of “Invincible”) and colorist Laura Martin (“Black Panther”).

    Spencer and Ottley began their interview with ComicBook.com primarily talking about the latter coming on board to pencil a Spider-Man book. “I knew that Ryan was wrapping on ‘Invincible,’ and I kept thinking, ‘God, would he be the perfect person for this?’ Spider-Man is such an artist book,” Spencer said. “It’s contained some of the best artists in Marvel Comics history, and I really do believe that Ryan, if he wants to be, is really one of the best superhero artists working in comics.”

    Spencer went into how Slott has began giving the title a fresh start by stripping away the Parker Industries status quo that Peter Parker was living with during the last “Amazing Spider-Man” volume. “I think that a lot of what I’ll be doing is reconnecting Peter with some very classic, quintessential elements of the story that fans and readers are going to recognize,” he said. “And it’s exciting to bring the character back to basics and, at the same time, Dan has obviously had one of the best runs on the character ever, and we’re certainly going to honor the things that he’s done and build from there.” He also added J. Jonah Jameson, Aunt May, Mary-Jane Watson and Black Cat would all play a part in the new series.

    Head on over to ComicBook.com for more from the writer and artist, as well as to Marvel.com for another interview with Ottley and more artwork. The new “Amazing Spider-Man” #1 begins on July 11, and there will be a Free Comic Book Day prelude on May 5. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

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