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    What is Going On With Stan Lee?

    By | April 12th, 2018
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    Since December 2017, Stan Lee – the prolific writer and editor who co-created much of the Marvel Comics Universe – has been in the news for one reason or another, and most of which have been unpleasant. We’ve decided to collate every allegation and report into Stan Lee’s current personal situation, which strongly imply the 95-year old is being abused or exploited.

    December 29, 2017: The Blast reported the Beverly Hills Police Department were investigating a $300,000 check with a forged signature from Stan Lee.

    January 4, 2018: A report from TMZ states more money was stolen from Lee’s bank account, and was used to buy an $850,000 condo in West Hollywood. Police also came to suspect the money was taken from a member of Lee’s personal entourage.

    January 9: The Daily Mail reported allegations claiming Lee had sexually harassed his nurses and carers.

    January 11: The Daily Mail published a second report regarding claims of sexual misconduct from Lee.

    February 28: In a video sent to TMZ, Lee stated he had canceled several scheduled convention appearances as he had been suffering from pneumonia.

    March 2: It emerged Lee’s long-time minder Max Anderson had apparently been fired. Comic book creators Neal Adams and J. Scott Campbell both expressed concern for Lee’s situation, and encouraged other industry veterans to do the same.

    March 3: The following day, Neal Adams told Bleeding Cool that Anderson had been “smeared” prior to his firing.

    March 10: The Daily Beast publishes a full report into Lee’s situation, largely based on the testimony of Keya Morgan, a memorabilia collector, and friend of Stan and his late wife Joan. The piece also delved into the Lee’s fraught relationship with their daughter JC (Joan Celia), and verified that Anderson was a felon who had served time for physically abusing his wife and son.

    April 6: Samples of Lee’s blood are reportedly stolen for use in specially mixed signature stamps. JC Lee verified the news in a phone call with Bleeding Cool, stating the notion had been floated but expressed surprise that product had emerged.

    April 10: The Hollywood Reporter publishes a lengthy exposé of Lee’s estate, painting a thoroughly negative portrait of JC Lee and her spending habits, and claiming she physically abused her parents; it also stated that the sexual allegations reported by the Mail were originally lurid claims she made about his nurse, Linda Sanchez. THR obtained a declaration signed by Lee denouncing Morgan, his former publicist Gerardo “Jerry” Olivarez, and JC’s attorney, Kirk Schenck; it also released two video responses by Lee, who claimed he was tricked into signing it by someone taking advantage of his poor eyesight.

    April 11: In response to THR, filmmaker Kevin Smith offered Lee a place to stay with him.

    April 12: Lee sends a video to TMZ denying any wrongdoing, and threatening to sue those making claims about Morgan.

    April 13: TMZ reports Lee is suing Olivarez, who is implicated as the one behind the theft of Lee’s money and blood samples.

    April 23: The Blast reports massage therapist Maria Carballo is suing Lee for sexual assault. The lawsuit claims the incident happened over the preceding weekend, and that Anderson was with Lee and bribed Carballo.

    May 16: Lee launches a $1 billion lawsuit against POW! Entertainment for unlawful use of his name.

    June 5: Two gunmen are reportedly arrested and detained outside Lee’s house for demanding money they claimed he owed them.

    June 12: Bleeding Cool confirms with Hollywood Community Police Station that Morgan has been arrested on suspicion of filing a false report to the police.

    June 13: Lee granted a temporary restraining order against Morgan, who was released on a $20,000 bail. A court date is granted for a permanent restraining order on July 6. The AP reports police are now investigating the claims of Lee being abused.

    July 6: Lee’s request for a restraining order is dismissed, with Judge Pro Tem Ruth Kleman citing confusion over whether the attorney who filed the order actually represents Lee. The attorney, Tom Lallas, was fired in February. Robert Reynolds, another attorney who also claimed to speak on Lee’s behalf, said attorneys representing Lee are preparing to file a second restraining order against Morgan, which would reflect Lee’s actual wishes.

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    July 9: Lee drops the lawsuit against POW! Entertainment.

    August 17: Commissioner Laura Hymowitz grants a restraining order on Keya Morgan, and also orders him not to contact or come near J.C. Lee, or Stan’s brother Larry Lieber. After the verdict, Lee’s attorney, Jonathan Freund told press “Stan is doing pretty well. He’s working again, and his health is improving. He’s still creating characters.”

    Lee is also suing Jerry Olivarez for draining $1.4 million from his accounts.

    Multiversity Comics will continue to update this timeline with the latest news regarding Lee’s personal life.

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