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    IDW Sends the Enterprise Crew Back to School

    By | July 9th, 2015
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    This December, IDW launches “Star Trek: Starfleet Academy.” Announced this morning at Newsarama, “Star Trek” regular, Mike Johnson will script the series along with Ryan Parrot, with art by Derek Charm. This miniseries will focus on young Spock, Kirk, and Uhura as they navigate life at this prestigious school. The story is set in the universe of the 2009 J. J. Abrams film, and presumably chronicles that space of time between Kirk meeting Bones and getting carted off and the launch of the first Enterprise mission.

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    “Star Trek: Starfleet Academy” hopes to have the Starfleet Academy join the ranks of Gotham Academy, Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, and Hogwarts. “The educational lives of our most beloved heroes make for fantastic stories,” says Sarah Gaydos, IDW editor. The team promises plenty of “compelling young characters from all over the galaxy,” a “mystery bridging the two timelines,” and an “all-new ‘current day’ class of Starfleet cadets.” No word on how much Tyler Perry we’ll have to be subjected to.

    IDW also announced that this October, their on-going “Star Trek” series will reach issue #50, making it one of the longest running “Star Trek” books from any publisher. To celebrate, IDW is releasing a special oversized issue. First off, issue #50 will introduce the classic ‘Mirror/Mirror’ storyline to the current “Star Trek” universe (based off the 2009 movie). It will also boast “additional bonus content,” which will include “behind-the-scenes looks at the entire 50-issue run” and teases about where the series is going. They’re pulling out all the stops and adding a wraparound cover by Tony Shasteen.

    IDW editor-in-chief, Chris Ryall, promises, “We’ve got plenty of exciting new ways to bring ‘Star Trek’ stories to the fans.” Gaydos adds that IDW is “ready to boldly go!”

    See the full press release at Newsarama. 


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