Announcing the 2020 Summer TV Binge !

By | May 29th, 2020
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Like we’ve done for the past three summers, we are filling the fallow television months with a look back at some shows, comics related and not, from the past! Some of these are very contemporary (Dark), whereas others go back as far as the 1950s (Adventures of Superman). All told, we’ve got 15 series, that cover lots of different types of shows, from reality (Terrace House) to animation (Berserk) to sci-fi (Babylon 5) to comedy (Archer).

Westworld, reviewed by Laura Merrill, starting on June 8th
Fire Force, reviewed by Rowan Grover, starting on June 9th
Berserk, reviewed by Matt Liguori, starting on June 10th
Babylon 5 Season 3, reviewed by Elias Rosner, starting on June 11th
Dark by Christopher Chiu-Tabet, starting on June 12th
Archer Season 2, reviewed by Ramon Piña, starting on June 13th
Fringe, reviewed by Quinn Tassin, starting on June 14th
Doctor Who: 12 Weeks, 12 Doctors, reviewed by Kate Kosturski, starting on July 6th
Adventures of Superman
Season 3 and 4, reviewed by Brian Salvatore, starting on July 7th
Attack on Titan,
reviewed by Jake Hill, starting on July 8th
Battlestar Galactica,
Season 2 Part 2, reviewed by Liz Farrell, starting on July 9th
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures,
reviewed by Greg Lincoln, starting on July 10th
Terrace House,
reviewed by Kerry Erlander, starting on July 11th
Mission: Impossible!,
reviewed by Matt Garcia, starting on July 12th
Legend of Korra,
Season 1, reviewed by Nicholas Palmieri, starting on August 1st

We hope you take this next week to track down how to view the series that interest you, and you join us for our fourth Summer TV Binge!

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