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    Five Thoughts On Supergirl‘s “The Last Children Of Krypton”

    By | October 18th, 2016
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    Welcome back! Last night saw the second of Supergirl‘s two part opener to its second season with some big changes that will ripple throughout of the season. New faces arrive! Old faces depart! Winn cries about Superman because he is literally me if I was in this show! It’s everything you know and love from Supergirl in one episode.

    Then let’s just dive right into our Five Thoughts on the episode, ‘The Last Children Of Krypton’, and beware of spoilers ahead!

    1. SuperCousins, Saving The Day

    This episode’s opening was one of the most delightful things this show has given the world. The utter joy with which Benoist and Hoechlin embody these characters and the enjoyment they get from helping others is at the forefront of this episode in the most literal way. From their quips to J’onn’s sourpuss antics back at the DEO, the opening of this episode captured the team-up spirit between these characters that I was hoping these episodes would.

    I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again, but Tyler Hoechlin was an inspired choice for Superman in these episodes and was able to bring a fantastic depth to the character. He was allowed to be pissed off at J’onn for hiding Kryptonite from him and he was allowed to get his ass kicked when facing Metallo and that was important because it was a juxtaposition to the usual, joyous presence he brings to the screen.

    I’m not going to lament the lack of Superman show starring Hoechlin because I can’t afford to get my own hopes up, but like every great adventure of Superman, this one ends on a To Be Continued and I can only hope we’ll see this Superman show up again.

    2. Enter CADMUS

    This is probably the most CW part of the show so far, but why on Earth is the CADMUS lab where they rebuilt John Corben into Metallo a poorly lit warehouse basement? That seems…unsanitary.

    Still, this is the episode that really brings CADMUS to the forefront as the season’s Big Bad. I’m a little surprised at how quickly this show has gone from CADMUS being a secretive, underground collective to hijacking TV signals and broadcasting their declaring war on aliens, but I guess they wanted to get that out of the way early. I can only hope that we get more development from CADMUS in the future, though, as I’m a little disappointed in the direction they are taking.

    Like I said, the best look we’ve gotten of CADMUS so far is a poorly lit warehouse basement with a crude operating table and a bunch of scientists in black leather aprons that make them look more like butchers that geneticists. I know this is Supergirl and that this is the CW, but I was hoping for a little more… nuance, perhaps? Maybe a CADMUS that is dedicated to building a better tomorrow that begrudges the idea of aliens forcing the direction of humanity’s future? Y’know, anything that doesn’t involve their main headquarters looking like something an Arrow villain would chill in.

    3. Kara Danvers, Investigative Journalist

    Talk about pushing Kara into the deep end. While Kara’s dealing with Cat as her boss over the course of the first season was a way of building her strength by undermining her until she stood up for herself, it was clear that Cat was never abusive as an employer. Snapper Carr, on the other hand, is like if Perry White lost his exuberant charm and turned into a cardboard cutout of an angry boss. I know that this season is trying to pushing Kara out of her comfort zone and end up like… well, the female version of Clark, unfortunately, but this was a bit much.

    After all Kara had gone through with Cat, to see her run back to her to protect her against Snapper after facing one roadblock just felt so regressive for the character. I know it facilitated Cat’s big bombshell so she could have one last inspirational speech before pushing Kara out of the nest, but Snapper being introduced as so one-dimensionally pissed off at Kara was kind of weird.

    I hope this storyline becomes way more than just the writers wanting to keep writing Clark as a reporter so they made Kara one instead because so far that’s what it feels like.

    Continued below

    4. Metallo Reigns

    I don’t think I made this joke last week, but, man, Daniel Craig is slumming it after Spectre, huh? As I did mention last week, though, Metallo is one of my favourite Superman villains of all time and I think this episode utilised him expertly. Admittedly, the lower budget on the CW means that the knock-down, drag-out brawl that I would have loved to see between Corben, Kara and Clark was limited, but the episode still showcased Metallo as a physical threat greater than we’ve seen them face before.

    Coming up against an enemy literally powered by Kryptonite forces them to think smart which a) gives Winn something to do in the episode other than fangirl over Clark and b) allows the show to construct a final battle that is both smart and in keeping with the show’s message. The show has championed the phrase “Stronger Together” since early in season one and this episode put that into action by sorting out the difference between Kara and Alex and J’onn and Clark by having them team up to punch Metallo a lot.

    Have I mentioned that I love this show?

    5. Exit Cat Grant

    Well, I guess we know how long CW could afford to keep Calista Flockhart on for. Truth be told, I’m not mad about this departure. The episode itself built up the idea of things changing in Kara’s life suddenly and her having to accept that and move on with the status quo, so having that in mind really softened the blow of losing Cat. I mean, sure, Cat is maybe my favourite character on the show and Calista Flockhart is dynamite in every scene, but there’s only so many speeches Cat Grant can give before you need to start recycling inspirational phrases. Cat did her job, narratively, in season one by pushing Kara to be the best that she can be and best for her to push her from the nest now and allow her to fly than stay and coddle her for eternity. It’s a gutsy move, but one that I think will pay off in the long run.

    That doesn’t mean that I didn’t tear up at Cat and Kara’s farewell, though. That’s one of those scenes that pierced through the veil of acting and characters and was, in essence, Melissa Benoist saying goodbye to Calista Flockhart. It was touching and exactly what this episode needed in order to push the rest of this season to new places.

    Plus, James Olsen moving up to take Cat’s place is going to make for some very interesting storylines.

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