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    Marvel Announces “Star Wars: Vader – Dark Visions”

    By | December 5th, 2018
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    #1 cover by Greg Smallwood

    Marvel Comics has announced a new limited series entitled “Star Wars: Vader – Dark Visions.” Written by “Jean Grey” scribe Dennis Hopeless, “Dark Visions” invites readers to experience twisted and never before told adventures of the Dark Lord.  A quote from the press release reads:

    “Who is Darth Vader? You’ve known him as a symbol of power, a villainous commander, and a Sith Warrior. But this March, get ready to see a side of Vader you’ve never seen before – and a side that the galaxy has never seen before! …a story that will shed a new light on the many sides of the galaxy’s greatest villain.”

    Artist Paolo Villanelli (“Star Wars: Rogue One Adaptation”) will join Hopeless on issue #1, while Brian Level (“Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows”) will take on art duties for issue #2. Issues #1 and #2 will have covers drawn by Greg Smallwood.

    “Star Wars: Vader – Dark Visions” will replace “Hyperion” writer Chuck Wendig’s now cancelled “Shadow of Vader” limited series. “Shadow of Vader” would have focused on Vader’s influence across the galaxy, with each issue focusing on a specific retelling of an encounter with Darth Vader. Wendig was controversially fired by Marvel earlier this year.

    “Star Wars: Vader – Dark Visions” #1 and #2 will be available for purchase in March, 2019.

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