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    Sworn Enemy of Print Mark Waid Becomes a Comic Retailer With Friends To All Art Baltazar and Franco

    By | September 5th, 2013
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    Consider this part two of this article in which we talked about Mark Waid buying a shop.

    Because it’s not just Mark Waid buying a shop anymore. It’s Mark Waid owning and operating a store with his business partners while also teaming up with the men behind Aw Yeah Comics to co-own their shop, Art Baltazar and Franco — and, in the same exact terms, Art and Franco and their business partner Marc Hammond to do the same vice versa. It’s a six-way ownership of two stores from people that are both champions of print and digital.

    Because remember, Art and Franco have been doing their thing for a while now, and ran a Kickstarter to fund their own line of comics. They’re not as green around the ears with this as Waid is. But together, Waid, Art Franco and their respective business partners Marc, Christy and Jason have all agreed to own and operate these two shops which offer different things in a singular union for the benefit of each other and, in turn, all of us.

    You guys. It’s a comic marriage.

    Nobody tell DC editorial, OK?

    Matthew Meylikhov

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