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    TBD No Longer: Kathryn Immonen To Write The Ultron One-Shot

    By | January 25th, 2013
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    We poked fun at this a bit yesterday, but Marvel had gone ahead and announced that they’d be releasing an “Ultron” one-shot starring Victor Mancha with the writer listed as TBD. It was an odd move, perhaps even a silly one, but one that was taken none the less.

    Now, announced today over at Newsarama, Kathryn Immonen – current writer of  “Journey into Mystery” – will be writing the one-shot. Immonen has previous experience with the character, having written him during the last arc of “Runaways” before the book was cancelled.  In describing the story, Kathryn notes:

    This is an opportunity to really take a close look at what makes him tick. He’s still the Victor Mancha that we know and love but we now find him in the most extraordinary and unforgiving circumstances. He’s got a lot of unresolved issues as they relate to his parentage and his biology. He needs to figure out what he’s capable of… good and bad.

    Which matches well with what we were given for a solicit, which reads:

    – Ultron took over the world.
    – Ultron killed the heroes.
    – Ultron…is your father.
    – When you’re Victor Mancha, android teen Runaway, “daddy issues” doesn’t quite cover it.

    For the full interview with Immonen and editor Lauren Sankovitch, check out Newsarama.

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