That Archer/Bob’s Burgers Crossover You’ve Been Waiting For Happened Last Night

We’d known for quite some time that in season 4 of FX’s Archer, there would be a crossover with Fox’s Bob’s Burgers due to the involvement of H. Jon Benjamin in both shows as the voice behind the leads. We didn’t know when it would occur (or, maybe people who kept up with this sort of thing did), but what we did know is that Archer would at some point lose his memory and find himself as the owner of a burger shop using the name Bob with an entire family attached to him.

Well, that crossover was last night. Only John Roberts reprised his role as Linda, Bob’s wife, but the whole gang was there to smile and make things hilarious for fans of both shows. Here’s a few choice screenshots:

The image of Bob’s kids done in a “realistic” way was probably the funniest aspect of the whole skit, the best version of something like this since we’d seen the realistic version of the South Park kids.

The burger in question, by the way, is a reference to Thomas Elphinstone Hambledon, the protagonist of a series of spy novels such as Pray Silence, They Tell No Tales and Green Hazard written by British author Manning Coles (which itself is a pseudonym for Adelaide Frances Oke Manning and Cyril Henry Coles)

Thanks to tumblr users eroteme and schizmo for taking the screenshots.

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  • Fattie Acid

    i was bursting out laughing when i saw this… god damn awesome!

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