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    The Birth Of The Marvel Universe’s Greatest Villain

    By | June 10th, 2010
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    I’ve been talking up Daredevil a lot lately, at least personally, and my excitement for Shadowland is pretty epicly huge. Just when I thought I couldn’t get more excited, Marvel releases a brand new teaser!

    The teaser, brandishing the line “The Birth Of The Marvel Universe’s Greatest Villain,” shows Daredevil front and center wrapped up in cord that (I assume) is coming from his baton extenders. The dark rain pours all around him, and his face has a cocky and devilish grin on it that I can only assume signifies a complete character transformation.

    Now, Marvel has been seriously hyping the crap out of this comic. I’ve never seen so many teasers in my life, and all of them promise so many different things. We haven’t even see the first issue and I’m already completely boggled as to what to expect. However, with the team of Andy Diggle and Billy Tan on the book, as well as the basic plot (Daredevil’s Shadowland gets out of control and it’s up to the street level heroes to make a stand against him) has me excited enough. While I kind of hope Marvel doesn’t because these teasers have just been so damn good.

    The first issue of Shadowland comes out July 8th, with Daredevil #508 hitting stores a week later.

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