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    The Comic Intarwebs Respond to the iPad

    By | January 27th, 2010
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    Given that Apple chose to call this device the iPad, much of the response so far has been jokey and derisive. However, if you’re curious as to what the feel from the industry has been so far (even if it is just a bevy of tampon jokes), see after the jump. Let’s just say there is a wide net of responses.

    Given that they are from Twitter, they are also quite short. More updates coming as I get them.

    Dennis Calero: iPad. hmm

    Matt Fraction: I’m convinced they’re letting lunch run long so Jobs can finish up.

    Brian Reed: That smell? It’s Amazon crapping their pants.

    Cameron Stewart: I called the name “iPad” months ago.

    Newsarama’s Vaneta Rogers: I want. I love my MacBook Air but I want an iPad now!

    Time Lost Batman: I would like to introduce you to the next quantum leap in justice. We’re calling it the iPunch.

    Brian Reed: I cannot believe they named it the iPad.

    Bryan Lee O’Malley: not reading the iNternet, iBusy drawing Scott iPilgrim.

    Bryan Lee O’Malley: putting an iCepack on my iHand because of too much iNking.

    Phil Hester: iPad isn’t about competing with Kindle, it’s about competing with TV/radio/phone/theaters/the rest of the internet, right?

    Terry Moore: Friend (re iPad): I want one! Me: I think I wet myself. Friend: Then absorbant iPad is what u need

    Duane Swierczynski: The iPad is due out in “two months.” Which puts that right around… April Fool’s Day.

    Skottie Young: I feel like I just went on a date with the head cheerleader that I had a crush on in High School and realized she has a penis. #iPad

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