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    The Final Volume Of Fear Agent Gets A Release Date

    By | November 30th, 2011
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    Fear Agent is perhaps one of our favorite series here at Multiversity. The final issue earned nearly a perfect score when we reviewed it, and our own David Harper took it upon himself to write yet another article telling you why you need to read it just earlier today! It really is just that good that it warrants talking about so frequently, as the book is Remender’s magnum opus without a doubt.

    I think it’s obvious that we want you to read Fear Agent, so if you haven’t been reading it already in single issues, you’re in luck — we now know when the final volume is set to come out! We showed you Jerome Opena’s gorgeous cover to the sixth volume of Fear Agent back in March, but thanks to the folks at iFanboy, we now know that the book is coming out in May of next year, which Amazon has since confirmed. Featuring interior art by series co-creator Tony Moore and Mike Hawthorne, as well as John Lucas on finishes and Lee Loughridge on colors, it is the perfect endcap to the epic sci-fi series.

    The first five volumes are also all available in trade currently at your local retailer or Amazon.com, as well as a Tales Of The Fear Agent trade collecting back-ups and pin-ups from early issues of the series, so you have absolutely no excuse not to go get caught up if need be. For those of you who have caught up in trade, you can always go buy the single issues in stores now, or just get your pre-orders for the trade in ASAP. Heath Huston’s final adventure awaits.

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