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    The God Squad Reunites For Chaos War

    By | June 25th, 2010
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    Because waiting until it is actually revealed in comic books in order to shock and excite the reader is totally lame, Marvel announced on G4 last night that coming later this year will be the five issue mini-event CHAOS WAR by Pak, Van Lente, and Khoi Pham on art. The book will be the closing arc of Pak and Van Lente’s God saga that started after World War Hulk when the Incredible Hulk title was given to Hercules.

    In Chaos War, Mikaboshi finally returns with his army of slaves to wage war on the heavens as he was last seen during Sacred Invasion. Uniting to stop him will be a reunited God Squad including Thor and the Silver Surfer, as well as the “survivng members of the Hulk family”, as well as some others who I will not write out, because spoilers are lame.

    Now, the video below that announces it does feature spoilers (beyond what I’ve already written, of course), so if you don’t want to know the full cast of Chaos War, don’t watch it. Otherwise, enjoy Blair Butler and some preview images:

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