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    NYCC ’19: Jamie McKelvie Unveils “The Killing Horizon”

    By | October 5th, 2019
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    In an interview at io9, “The Wicked + The Divine” artist Jamie McKelvie has lifted the lid on his new project, “The Killing Horizon,” a sci-fi series that he will write and illustrate. Due out from Image in summer 2020, the ongoing comic will follow an archaeologist who studies alien civilizations. During a new expedition to a ruined city, she discovers a powerful entity, “something that needs her to take it on a journey no living being has ever taken. Something that will make her a target for every side fighting a deadly war. It calls to her. She answers.”

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    McKelvie admitted in the interview that the series is a big change for him in terms of scope and scale. “In terms of execution, the canvas becomes vast and that’s more than a little bit scary for me,” he said. “Humans are humans, cars are cars, you can generally recognize that a tree is a tree. Those boundaries vanish when you’re doing a story like this. With such a drastic change of setting, storytelling possibilities expand out in all sorts of different directions. There’s a sequence I’m really excited about drawing that arose from a quandary: how do I approach this moment/image on the page? The story possibilities spill out into the “storytelling” possibilities and that’s got me buzzing.”

    McKelvie will reunite with colorist Matt Wilson on the project, which will be letterered by Aditya Bidikar, designed by Cecile Richard, and edited by Katie West. McKelvie said, “I love working with Matt because he’s willing to throw ideas back to me all the time. There’s a lot of back and forth right now about possible directions. I’m planning to start drawing in January so we have a bit of time.” And in the meantime, you can read more from McKelvie at io9.

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