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    The New Venom – Revealed!

    By | January 28th, 2011
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    In a live press call hosted over at CBR, Stephen Wacker (Spider-Man editor extraordinaire) accidentally revealed the mystery of the new Venom, who will be appearing in Amazing Spider-Man 654.1. This was completely accidental, not supposed to actually be known, and then quickly reprimanded by Rick Remender.

    However, this is the internet, and once something gets out on the internet, it spreads like wildfire. And we know who the new Venom is. We also respect your right to not to be spoiled (as we were, accidentally – but we forgive you Stephen!), so we won’t say it out loud.

    If you would like to know who the new Venom is, take a look behind the cut for the answer (as well as additional information on the series, including preview pages). If not, move along. The issue comes out February 9th, and all your questions will be revealed then.

    The new Venom is …

    Flash Thompson!

    A lot of good information besides that was given in the press call. Remender and Wacker dished a lot about what you can expect, and why the series came to existence. Apparently there is still a good market for Venom, as the ’90s series (which I’d like to mention I own all of) sells well digitally, and with the success of Remender’s X-Force Marvel has put a lot of faith in him (as they should).

    The first arc, according to Remender, deals with “a new boss on the scene who’s not focused on New York, or Chicago–he’s an international crime lord.” This will be a brand new character who has weaponized Antarctic Vibranium as bullets, which can melt any metal. “Once distributed, you can’t put that milk back in the carton. He’s preparing to sell it to Doctor Doom and every dictator and scumbag on the planet, so that every terrorist has these guns that can shoot bullets that are unstoppable. After that, it doesn’t matter if you have the Avengers.” The second issue “begins with Venom chased by Kraven the Hunter on a dinosaur, Remender said, and is a continuous action scene–but one that will ‘define Venom through the decisions he makes.'” The book will also deal with Flash’s relationship to Betty Brant.

    For more information, check out the ongoing updated article at CBR (unless you arrive to this article by the time the press conference ends). In the man time, take a look at a few new pages below, and get excited. This is going to be awesome.

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