The Rundown: Iron Man 3 gets a new poster, DC gets a bit weird, and more

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– Are you getting pumped for Iron Man 3, which arrives on May 3? Entertainment Weekly is going to get you even more pumped up then, as they have the first look at the new poster as well as 14 seconds of the Super Bowl commercial. I have faith that it’s going to be quality with Shane Black in the mix, but so far, I have to admit I’ve been a bit underwhelmed and often…well, unimpressed.

– Much has been made about DC’s upcoming shocker gatefold covers, having revealed the left side but not the EXTRA SHOCKING right side of each cover. Now, April has been labeled “WTF Certified,” to tie into their event month of gatefolds. In other news, the winner of the worst marketing campaign in comics for 2013 has been locked in.

There’s some additional shenanigans in the article at CBR, teasing seven different things that make me in no way excited for these comics (besides maybe the return of Booster Gold), so if you’re into that sort of thing, I’d suggest checking it out.

– This one is a few days old, but Jim Zubkavich continues his very excellent run of reality checks and guides for budding/current creators. This time? He tackles the value and ideas behind getting in with key retailers as a producer of a creator-owned comic.

– We know Paolo Rivera left Marvel (at least for interiors) for the purpose of working on creator-owned work, but now, something strange has come up. He indicated that he’ll be providing at least a variant cover for a Superman title and, when pressed by Francesco Francavilla, he shared he’s just working on a variant cover “…for now.” Could we see Rivera interiors on a Superman project of some sort (not a monthly, given that he admitted he’s too slow)? It seemingly has been at least discussed. We hope so, because I’m not sure there is a more fitting creator for the character.

– While the interview itself with the LA Times’ Hero Complex itself is…well, the questions aren’t so hot, Matt Fraction talked with them and managed to share some really interesting things about Hawkeye (he originally envisioned the book with a James Bond feel, but then quickly realized a Jim Rockford feel made a whole lot more sense – great decision) and his thoughts on the accessibility of comics. Fraction has very interesting insight into the latter question, and it’s worth skipping to the bottom to check it out.

Also, not that I should need to tell you this, but you should definitely pick up Hawkeye #7 because a) it’s fantastic and b) some of the proceeds go to Hurricane Sandy relief. It’s a great book for a great cause. Cheers to Matt for being such a gem.

– Comic fans have a tendency of being grumpy when things they love are being taken away, and as per usual, they have tried to do something about it. There’s a petition up at attempting to get the return of the Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series cartoons back after their very recent cancelation. So far, there have been over 15,000 supporters so far. While I find the usage of to save cartoons strange, more power to them. It’s cool – sometimes – that people have the power to change the fate of things in such a way.

– Last but not least, Legendary Pictures have a major get on their hands in their quest to find the person to bring Warcraft to life in movie form: Duncan Jones. While he doesn’t have any blockbuster experience, as The Hollywood Reporter notes, he’s undeniably a giant talent that brings real heart and brains to his films. Given that it’s Warcraft – a pretty damn broad and undefined concept, in many ways – you need someone with a real sense of vision to properly bring it to life.

I mean, we’ve seen what happens when you don’t. Remember Uwe Boll’s Dungeon Siege?

It’s set to arrive some time in 2015 with a script coming from Charles Leavitt (Blood Diamond).

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User's Comments
  • Keith Eggleston

    you don’t think it’s a pre-emptive April Fools on DC’s part?

    • David Harper

      God, I wish. At this point, I assume DC is going to relaunch their whole universe in September with a note to readers in each issue saying “we were just kidding about everything that happened in the New 52.”

  • Nick Hall

    “WTF Month” is an idea that could only have come from Bob Harras’ diseased mind.

    • David Harper

      Haha I’m not sure if I’d go that far, but it is an excessively stupid idea.

  • Vince Ostrowski

    So, DC built a month long campaign that employs an unspoken “fuck” in its name?

    Nice. Classy. Well done, guys.

    • David Harper

      The C in DC definitely does not stand for “classy” Vince. But hey, you’re getting a Dial H crossover!

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