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    The Secret History of SHIELD

    By | November 25th, 2009
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    Earlier in November, I thought it was curious that Jonathan Hickman had posted the following tweet given the current nature of the Marvel Universe.

    At this point, I simply refuse to type S.H.I.E.L.D. in my scripts. I’m not doing it any longer. Forget it.

    It was interesting in that SHIELD does not exist in the current set up, and even with Siege coming it didn’t seem likely to come back over night. We now know why he made that tweet, as yesterday Blair Butler announced on her Fresh Ink feature on G4’s Attack of the Show that Hickman will be taking us on an adventure into the secret history of SHIELD (meaning well before Nick Fury) and the Marvel Universe in April 2010’s SHIELD mini. What does that mean for us? Historical figures, fighting Galactus and Celestials, high concepts, and assuredly sumptuous art from Dustin Weaver (not to mention that stunning cover from Gerald Parel at the top).

    Hickman has been quoted as saying that this “feels like the best thing I’ve done,” which from the illustrious scribe of The Nightly News, Fantastic Four, and Secret Warriors says a lot. All of us at Multiversity (or at least I assume so) are very, very excited for the release of this project.

    Watch the clip from Attack of the Show after the jump, as there are shots of stunning artwork from Weaver in the video.

    David Harper

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