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    The Walking Dead #100 Cover Revealed

    By | April 13th, 2012
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    The fine folks over at Robot 6 have procured (via USA Today) the above final, colored version of Charlie Adlard’s wrap-around cover to The Walking Dead’s 100th issue, and it is sure to please long-time fans of the book. To commemorate the monumental anniversary of the book, Adlard has assembled a collage of every significant character to have fallen within the first 100 issues of the series (and for bonus points, has depicted them the way they were the moment they died). While my memory isn’t nearly strong enough to identify all of the characters present, a quick glance reveals the likes of Amy, Jim, Shane, Hershel, Lori and Judy Grimes, The Governor, Tyrese, Dale and fan and Robert Kirkman favorite character Axel. Click the image above to embiggen that sucker and see who else you can spot!

    While I’m not normally one to actively seek new posters, I would absolutely love to have a crisp, blown up version of that sucker on my wall. Until then, the small version with a story in between hits store shelves on July 11th.


    Joshua Mocle

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