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    This November, Prepare For Two Bats

    By | August 30th, 2010
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    Have you been wondering what happens to Dick Grayson now that Bruce Wayne is returning? Well, I have good news for those of you who are fans of Dick (heh..): Dick Grayson is staying in the cowl. “But wait,” you ask. “I thought Bruce was going to be Batman for that Batman Inc. book?” You’re absolutely right. He will. Because starting this month with Morrison’s finale to Batman and Robin, there will be two Batmen.

    It basically runs down like this – Detective Comics, Batman, and Batman and Robin will all feature Dick Grayson as the lead in the suit he currently wears. Meanwhile, Batman Inc. and Batman: The Dark Knight will feature Bruce Wayne as Batman with the redesigned suit. Damian Wayne will continue to be Robin, Tim Drake will continue to be Red Robin, and Stephanie Brown will continue to be Batgirl. As said by Dan DiDio to the NY Post, “Bruce Wayne realizes that he can’t just be the grim avenger he was before. He wants to be more aggressive in his reach, and realizes the change that Batman as a symbol can effect around the world.”

    That’s arguably the best thing I’ve read in regards to Batman’s future status quo. I really like Grayson as Batman because he has a somewhat sunnier disposition, and he can manage to both be a good detective and a symbol of fear but a character that’s very enjoyable to read because he is filled with depth. For me, the biggest problem of Bruce Wayne is that writers got it into their heads that he had to be angry all the time, and it lead to really boring stories. If Bruce Wayne doesn’t want to just be a grim avenger but instead venture outside of his Gotham City box and see how to better serve the world, I am all for it.

    As of now, this is your Batman schedule: September 9th is Batman and Robin #14, September 22nd is Batman and Robin #15 as well as The Return of Bruce Wayne #5, October 6th is Batman and Robin #16 and the Return of Bruce Wayne #6, and October 27 is Batman: the Return. Batman Inc. begins November 3rd. Phew. That’s quite a finale lined up for these next two months. Fingers crossed that there are no more delays, everyone.

    Also, for your first look at an interior from Batman Inc., take a look right below:


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