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    Thor Trailer Leaked! Watch It Before It Gets Taken Down!

    By | July 29th, 2010
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    UPDATE: The first video we placed of the trailer went down. We’ve replaced it with another site’s. Get your viewings in while you can, people – I doubt this will last too long.

    UPDATE #2: Removed again. Our third attempt to keep it up is underway!

    With little fanfare, the Thor trailer leaked online. While I think this was carefully orchestrated in order to build buzz for the movie, I would still say watch it before Marvel sends out their cease and desist order! Supposedly, the site that posted the video had it sent to them anonymously, but who can complain, right?

    It really sets the tone of the movie, and who doesn’t love Agent Caulson! If this doesn’t get you amped for May 2011, then we’re not entirely sure what will. But suffice it to say, this looks pretty wow-tastic. While watching the trailer, you really get the feeling that this is Thor. It’s fantastical and it’s got an epic feeling to it, and could easily surpass Iron Man at this point. While they obviously changed the Donald Blake element of the story, it does keep the same basic premise of Thor being cast out, and we really do learn a lot from the trailer. The descriptions people did online really didn’t do this justice.

    Here’s to hoping we see the Cap footage soon as well! Let us know what you thought in the comments below.


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