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    “The Thrilling Adventure Hour” Moves to BOOM! Studios

    By | January 31st, 2018
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    The first 'Thrilling Adventure
    Hour' OGN
    Fans of The Thrilling Adventure Hour rejoice! It was announced at CBR by creators Ben Blacker and Ben Acker (“Death Be Damned,” “Deadpool”) that the popular podcast turned comic book has found a new home at BOOM! Studios. The Thrilling Adventure Hour, which began back in 2005 as a live stage show, is a podcast in the style of the old radio serials from the 30s and 40s, many of which it might be noted are inspired by the comic book serials of the day like the Flash Gordon and Superman radio dramas.

    The pair eventually decided to turn the very successful and hilarious podcast into a original graphic novel, which with the help of a bevy of talented artists, a very successful ($192,873 raised) Kickstarter campaign and Archia Press, was published in 2013 to much acclaim. After the success of that first OGN, simply titled “The Thrilling Adventure Hour,” Acker and Blacker moved the property over to Image Comics where they published “The Thrilling Adventure Hour Presents: Sparks Nevada: Marshal on Mars,” which was illustrated by J. Bone (“Rocketeer Adventures,” “Will Eisner’s The Spirit”) and the theretofore unfinished “The Thrilling Adventure Hour Presents: Beyond Belief,” which was illustrated by Phil Hester (“Batman Beyond,” “Shipwreck”).

    The new deal with BOOM! Studios promises the very first collected editions of both Image series. The first collection “The Thrilling Adventure Hour Vol. 1 Discover Now Edition” will print for the very first time the final chapter of “Beyond Belief” and will apparently be printed just once and offered exclusively to local comic book stores (so pre-order one ASAP). The deal also holds the promise of new stories featuring all the thrilling (get it?) characters from the podcast and comics so fans new and old should keep an eye out for new series from Acker, Blacker, BOOM! and as-yet-unnamed talented artists in the near future.

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