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    Tokyopop Announces Digital First Platform

    By | September 26th, 2019
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    Global manga leader Tokyopop is launching a new line of Digital First titles to accompany their thriving print publications. Its first two titles, “Death Knell” and “The Way of Shao,” are currently in production, and are both slated for Q4 2019.

    Tim Smith 3 (left) and ShaoDow

    “Death Knell” is the new series from “BLACK” co-creator and artist Tim Smith 3. In it, the few remaining people in the world turn to myths and legends to stave off death and succeed. Grim, owner of Death Inc., must process the souls of the people and mythical creatures inhabiting the world.

    “The Way of Shao” is created by award-winning rapper and manga author ShaoDow. The new manga series follows Shao in a world of powerful musicians. He must use his rap skills and enhanced abilities to discover the mysterious energy known as The Vibe and unlock the secrets of the powerful Sound Blade.

    Tokyopop is embarking on this new platform in the hopes of highlighting a more diverse set of creators in the manga industry. The International Women of Manga line released in 2017 was the progenitor of their efforts to diversify their bank of manga creators.

    Plans are to distribute these titles across multiple digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple iBookstore, ComiXology, and many more.

    Carl Waldron