Tom Taylor Meets Bigby Wolf In “The Unwritten” #50

Yes, you read that correctly. While Vertigo’s output is much lower than it used to be, it appears that the imprint is going to be taking advantage of the hits that it has with an upcoming crossover between “The Unwritten” and “Fables.”

With a mysterious teaser popping up on Vertigo’s Graphic Content blog this morning paying homage to the cover to “The Unwritten” #1, we get our first glimpse of worlds colliding in the two books. From an interview with CBR, Mike Carey actually revealed a bit about this crossover last year, saying:

The ‘Fables’ characters show up in ‘The Unwritten,’ but all of the settings and a whole lot of the characters in the story will be very familiar from the Fables world. So who’s visiting who? It remains to be seen, and the answer is not what you might think at the outset.

If you’re a regular ‘Fables’ reader, you’ll see a lot of your favorite characters, but you may not recognize all of them the first time you see them. And actually, the same goes for the trio of characters from the ‘The Unwritten,’ who are our main point of view.

The crossover begins in “The Unwritten” #50 in May. Get excited now.

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  • David

    So this means every Vertigo title in May will be connected to Fables? 😛

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