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    Toy Fair 2010 Recap

    By | February 16th, 2010
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    Article originally written by Jordan Jennings

    If you are into toys you are probably aware of the big event that happened this past weekend called Toy Fair. If you aren’t into toys that much, Toy Fair is an exclusive event where the industry leaders (and independent producers) show off their new lines and make announcements of future lines. So what does this mean for Marvel and DC? Find out after the jump.

    Marvel presented new figures from their various lines (Superhero Squad, Universe, Legends, Select, Iron Man movie/ Armored Adventures, and Spider-man.) The highlights of the presentation has to be the announcement of a Galactus figure. This isn’t your average Legends figure. It’s a massive 19 inch behemoth. (pictured above in scale with other Universe class figures.)
    The detailing on this toy is enough to make my mouth water. Plus it’s going to light up and talk. I am very eager to get my hand on this toy. It will be packaged with a Silver Surfer figure that looks to be your typical Legends class figure. I am giddy over this beauty and I will be on the lookout for the official release date of Galactus. It is expected sometime in October. It will retail for around 50 USD. It looks to be well worth it. I know I will be buying one.
    Of course that is not all Marvel had at the show. They showcased some new Marvel Select figures. (If you are unfamiliar with Select figures they are the 20 USD figures you usually find online or in specialty shops. They are primarily for collectors. So you can’t find these in large retail chains.) The next wave of Select figures will include Magneto, Cyclops, Deadpool, Iron man and War Machine (pictured below).
    My only complaint with the line so far is that the Magneto figure looks goofy. His head and neck seem to be disproportionate when compared to the rest of his body, but from what I can discern it is a decent sculpt. Just funny when looking at it up close.
    The Figure will include an interchangeable head and the retail value for the new Select wave will be roughly 20 USD per figure. I will be picking up Cyclops, as I am in need of a decent Cyclops figure, and I will probably grab The Iron Man figure as, well, I am a sucker for Iron Man figures.

    Now moving to the Legends class figures. Nothing major has been announced but there will be a series of two packs that will be Toys ‘R Us exclusives. The Two Packs will include:
    Hulk and Valkyrie
    Deadpool and Warpath (pictured on the left)
    Winter Solider and Black Widow
    Expect the series this fall at a Toys ‘R Us near you

    Marvel has been making a major push with the Universe line and includes a wide array of characters. Wave 3 and 4 were announced
    Wave 3:
    Kitty Pryde
    AIM Soldier
    Juggernaut (Pictured on the left)
    Continued below

    Wave 4:

    Iron Patriot (Pictured on the left)

    Skrull Solider
    Iron Spider-man
    Winter Soldier
    Mary Jane
    I am liking the look of Juggernaut. It’s a small figure, of course, but it is highly detailed. Also I will be picking up Iron Patriot, as you know, I’m a fan of Iron Man toys. In addition to the single sets, there will be Marvel Battle 2 packs exclusive to Target.

    Iron Man vs Black Panther, Iron Man vs Punisher,
    Spider-man vs Green Goblin, Wolverine vs Hand Ninja
    The Marvel Universe toys will be available Early to Late spring and will be priced around 8 USD.
    To round out the Marvel toys, Iron Man 2 figures and, Sweet Christmas, there is a lot.

    Things of note, The Hulkbuster Iron Man figure. This little beauty looks fantastic

    The only concerns I have concerning this figure is the articulation. Nevertheless, of all of the Marvel toys (outside of Galatacus) I am looking forward to this one the most and I will obviously be picking it up.

    Marvel wasn’t the only one at the Toy Fair. DC announced and showcased some of their upcoming toys. The highlight for me was the announcement of new waves the DC Universe line. The one that excites me greatly is a new Alan Scott (The Golden Age Green Lantern) figure

    I love that he comes with the old school lantern and Ring.  That is the smallest details that makes this toy even more enjoyable. He’s a part of Wave 14. Here is the other figures soon to come.

    Wave 13
    Collect and Connectâ„¢ Trigon
    Blue Beatle III
    Blue Devil
    Cyclotron (Pictured on the left)
    Donna Troy
    Modern Cheetah
    Negative Man
    Superboy (Pictured on the Left)

    Wave 14:

    Collect and Connectâ„¢ Ultra Humanite
    Golden Age Green Lantern
    Golden Age Hourman
    Todd Rice
    Zatanna (pictured on the left)

    Other DC Universe news: Wal-mart Exclusive Green Lantern 5 pack including: Guy Gardner, Tomar Re, Sinestro in Green Lantern uniform, Hal Jordan (90’s version, and Jon Stewart from Green Lantern: Mosaic.

    This series is a must buy for fans of Green Lantern. Speaking of Green Lantern, DC’s Infinite Heroes (A smaller scale of toy) is releasing a three pack containing Parallax Kyle Rayner, Sinestro Corps Sinestro, and translucent Green Lantern John Stewart.(Pictured below)

    Another big news for collectors is the DC vs Masters of the Universe line. Only two sets announced. Superman vs He-man and Lex Luthor vs Skeletor. Each set will include a reprint of the Masters of the Universe vs Superman comic and various accessories.These will be available only at Toys ‘R Us and the first time the Masters of the Universe classics line will be available in retail stores. Pictured below is Superman Vs He-man packaging.
    Another big Toys ‘R Us exclusive is the release of Retro-Action DC Superheroes (These toys will also be available through select online retailers such as Matty Collector.) The toys are done in the style of the classic Mego Toys of yesteryear. Also known as the toys that the folks over at Robot Chicken use for the DC heroes. Below is the full display from Toy Fair
    Continued below

    That does it for the Toy Fair 2010 recap. I obviously didn’t cover everything for the sake of time and bandwith. Still, I hope you’ve enjoyed the recap.
    Thanks for reading
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