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    Valiant Comics Announce Tini Howard and Amilcar Pinna’s “The Forgotten Queen”

    By | November 5th, 2018
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    In a Comic Book Resources exclusive, Valiant Comics announced War-Monger’s return in a new mini-series entitled “The Forgotten Queen.” Written by Tini Howard (“Hack/Slash: Resurrection”) and illustrated by Amilcar Pinna (“Generation X”), “The Forgotten Queen” will explore War-Monger’s rise to power in the Mongol Empire while also examining her current status quo in the Valiant Universe.

    War-Monger first appeared in Matt Kindt and Pere Perez’s 2015 “Unity” run. An immortal villain born thousands of years ago, War-Monger is supposedly responsible for every major world conflict in history. Several incarnations of Unity have fought her throughout history, but only the most recent version had seemingly found a way to permanently kill her.

    “I’m a sucker for unlikeable women,” said Howard. “I’m a sucker for immortal heartbreak. And I’m a sucker for defining a villain. I couldn’t resist [the War-Monger]. [‘The Forgotten Queen’] is dirty and bloody and mean and ancient and modern. There are fights and sacrifice and kissing. We start on a modern research vessel working hard at sea, and we stick around to uncover what kinds of mysteries sink to the bottom of the ocean…” she continued.

    The first issue will have three available covers from artists Kano, Viktor Kalachev, and Veronica Fish, as well as a blank cover.

    “The Forgotten Queen” #1 (of 4) is set to release February 27th, 2019.

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