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    Valiant Announces New “Rai” Series from Abnett and Ryp

    By and | August 13th, 2019
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    Promo art by Ryp and Dalhouse

    As announced at The Wrap, Valiant Entertainment is returning to the future of the 41st century with a new ongoing “Rai” series from writer Dan Abnett, artist Juan José Ryp, colorist Andrew Dalhouse, and letterer Dave Sharpe this November. This new series will see the cyborg samurai go seeking for his creator, the artificial intelligence called Father, to destroy him so “he may never return to terrorize the survivors of the fallen New Japan and the inhabitants of Earth.”

    Abnett said, “Rai is a classic Valiant character with a great history and vast potential. This series is an exciting mix of post-apocalyptic action and high-tech superheroics, an exploration of a strange new world, a quest… and the strange new world happens to be Earth!” This will be Abnett’s second work at Valiant after his and Adam Pollina’s current “Fallen World” miniseries (also starring Rai) ends in September. He continued, “True to the spirit of Valiant, this story’s got a blend of action, sci-fi, a little horror, and a lot of character. It’s the perfect place to join in if you’re a new reader and you want to find out why people are raving about Valiant books.”

    Ryp, on the other hand, is no stranger to the Valiant Universe, having worked on everything from “Britannia,” “Imperium,” and “X-O Manowar.” He said “Rai is an amazing character. I love the global approach that Dan is taking. In each script, I discover something new, and they might seem like crazy elements, but really everything is part of a great puzzle. The story surprises are magnificent!”

    You can check out preview pages from the first five issues (featuring dinosaurs and more) at The Wrap, and “Rai” #1 when it hits shelves on November 20.

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