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    Valiant Teases “The World’s Worst Superhero Team”

    By | March 21st, 2013
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    Fresh off the presses, we have a teaser for a new series coming from Valiant Comics. It’s a bit vague, but as a huge fan of the best superhero duo ever (suck it, Batman and Robin!), I have to guess that this is a Quantum & Woody book that will finally make my dreams come true. Not sure when we’ll get more on this, but given that every issue of their older series came with “The World’s WORST Superhero Team” above the title, this feels pretty safe.

    Now excuse me, I’m going to go read my copies of the original series from Christopher Priest and M.D. Bright to get prepped. You can read my old review here, and expect whatever this is in July.

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    • norea

      Any new Valiant I’m 100% in support. Well maybe not a female Doctor Midnight. Sounds like something from DC New 52

      • you mean Dr Mirage? and their rosters a bit testosterone heavy. what’s it hurt to add variety to the lines? besides if you wanted an exact reiteration just read the original books.

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