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Vault Comics To Keep Emotions Hidden in New Series “Human Remains”

By | June 22nd, 2021
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Cover by Sally Cantirino

Vault Comics have announced a new series called “Human Remains” by writer Peter Milligan (“Shade, the Changing Man”), co-writer/artist Sally Cantirino, colorist Dearbhla Kelly, and designer Tim Daniel. Cantirino and Kelly have previously collaborated on “I Walk With Monsters.”

The series will see monsters that hunt via sensing strong human emotions, such as love, hate, and fear, being unleashed on the world, with the lead couple, Dax and Bisa, getting caught in the middle, and having to keep their emotions hidden to survive.

Milligan detailed how the series was inspired by the preventative measures in place to combat the pandemic, stating that he “was struck by how strange” social distancing had made the world when on a walk with his wife in London last summer. Milligan continued, “I thought about all the things that had recently been so natural that we now could not do. All the touching, socializing, kissing, close-up talking. All that everyday human stuff,” which led him to the question of “how much can you strip away from what it is to be human… before you stop being human?” Cantirino added that the series is “about mistakes, bad decisions, and both intentional and unintended harm,” and “the things we do because we love people… even people who don’t love us back.”

“Human Remains” #1 is scheduled for release on September 22. The issue will launch with a variant cover by Joshua Hixson which you can see here.

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