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    Vertigo to Release an Unwritten Graphic Novel

    By Matthew Meylikhov | February 21st, 2013
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    Well now, this is very exciting. After two “Fables” spin-off graphic novels, along side an upcoming Encyclopedia and a “Fairest” graphic novel we reported earlier today, it looks like Vertigo’s other literary book “The Unwritten” is getting its own! I’d imagine this is a result of crossing over with “Fables” and getting some of that good vibrations.

    At any rate, as announced at MTV Geek, September sees the release of “The Unwritten: Tommy Taylor & the Ship That Sank Twice,” a graphic novel written by Mike Carey and illustrated by Peter Gross but also featuring Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon for illustrations as well, with the book’s description as follows:

    Exploring the Tommy Taylor novels in a visceral and direct way, this hardcover provides a great entry point for new readers and fans of classic literature. We pull back the curtain on how Tommy’s father, Wilson Taylor, devised his subversive literary masterpiece and reveal the blueprint of how a father gives his son vast power in order to accomplish a wider scheme. Partly told through Wilson’s harsh, intoxicating journal entries and juxtaposed with Tommy’s swashbuckling deep sea adventures with his trusty companions Peter and Sue, the story is at once a prequel and a parallel story to the ongoing series.

    It honestly didn’t take much to sell us on this other than the words “Unwritten” and “graphic novel,” but to take some time and explore Wilson Taylor a bit is beyond exciting.

    Look for the book come September.

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