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    Waid and Saiz Relaunch “Doctor Strange” in June

    By | March 2nd, 2018
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    Marvel’s “Fresh Start” announcements continue with the reveal that “Doctor Strange” will be renumbered in June, and that writer Mark Waid and artist Jesus Saiz will take over the book. The first arc will see Strange finding himself unable to summon the Earth’s mystical energies, and going into space to find different energies to channel.

    Saiz, who collaborated with Waid on the “Avengers” and “Champions” crossover ‘Worlds Collide,’ said the book will depict “different aliens and worlds [with] a distinctive, interesting look. For inspiration, I try to have my eyes very open, because you never know where the could come from. It could be a fashion photo, an undersea creature, or a Bosch painting… everything can give you a silhouette, or a color scheme, or something to start working with. I only try to avoid actual science-fiction images because I want this book to look as fresh as possible.”

    Waid, who wrote the 2009 – 2010 miniseries “Strange” (penciled by Emma Rios), stated “I’ve been a Strange fan forever, but I’ve never been lucky enough to write an extended run featuring the good doctor. Along with editor Nick Lowe, we’ve come up with some new and very unexpected places to take Stephen Strange in the Marvel Universe—starting with the stars.” He succeeds Donny Cates, who took over during the Legacy renumbering with issue #381, and is currently overseeing the ‘Damnation’ crossover starring Strange with Nick Spencer.

    The new “Doctor Strange” #1 is out June 6, and Cates’s run will conclude before that with “Doctor Strange” #390 on May 16.

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