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    Wednesday Is Still New Comic Book Day

    By | August 31st, 2010
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    There has been some debate recently in the comic book world as to if Wednesday will no longer be the date of new releases for our funny books. Some retailers have been getting books on Tuesdays with the idea that they’d stock their stores over night for early release on Wednesday (as opposed to getting their books Wendesday and making us all wait – bah humbug to that!), so talks began as to if new release date should simply be Tuesday now.

    Well, the answer from the mound was given: no. Wednesday will remain new comic book day. A survey was given to publishers and retailers in order to help make the decision, and the overwhelming response to keeping books for Wednesday has solidified Wednesday for New Comic Book Day (or as we shorten it in our weekly articles, WINCBD! – notice the “win” part?).

    However, here’s the caveat. Before, only top retailers were allowed shipment arrival for Tuesdays so they could stock for Wednesday. As of January 2011, ALL stores will have that option, which is great. There are plenty of indie shops out there that will do well with their clientelle by avoiding rushes in the morning for new books that aren’t on shelves yet. How will this be monitored though? Simply by “mystery shopper” policy. It’s been proven to work as an incentive before with other retail outlets, so if it’s not broken then don’t fix it!

    Either way, you are now allowed to continue to look forward to Wednesday’s as the best day of the week.



    Matthew Meylikhov

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