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    What If Inglourious Basterds Was A Comic?

    By | February 20th, 2010
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    And what if Jack Kirby drew it?

    While scouring the web, I found a collection of five covers representing the five “parts” of the film Inglourious Basterds by Quentin Tarentino. If you haven’t seen it yet, I don’t know what to tell you. You’re missing an incredible film. In fact, you should see it for Christoph Waltz’s performance alone. That’s besides the point though.

    Artist Martin Duhovic created the covers, which were posted and spread about via Harry Knowles’ twitter, and I’ve ganked them and placed them here for your enjoyment this fine weekend. They’re really quite awesome, and if this were a comic, I’d gladly pay the 15 cents for it. Especially the fourth one.

    The final four are behind the cut.

    Matthew Meylikhov

    Once upon a time, Matthew Meylikhov became the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Multiversity Comics, where he was known for his beard and fondness for cats. Then he became only one of those things. Now, if you listen really carefully at night, you may still hear from whispers on the wind a faint voice saying, "X-Men Origins: Wolverine is not as bad as everyone says it issss."