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NYCC ’19: ‘Dawn of X’ Wave 2 Begins With “Wolverine” By Percy, Kubert, and Bogdanovic

By | October 5th, 2019
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The first solo series of the ‘Dawn of X’ era was announced today at New York Comic Con during Marvel Comics’s panel of the same name. Writer Benjamin Percy and rotating artists Adam Kubert and Viktor Bogdanovic will be the creative team on “Wolverine,” which is Logan’s first solo title of that name in five years. The new “Wolverine” solo series will begin in February 2020.

Percy expressed his excitement stating “We all have that character, the one we love more than any other. The one we treasure in books and movies and maybe memorialize with a t-shirt or tattoo. The one we relate to as a cracked-mirror version of ourselves. For me—as a growly, grumpy, hairy, smelly, muscled, flannel-clad, whiskey-swilling loner who lives in the woods of the frozen north—it’s Logan. And though this might sound corny, it also feels right to say that writing Wolverine is a dream come true, a childhood fantasy realized. No kidding, bub.”

Percy is no stranger to writing Wolverine, having written both seasons of Marvel and Stitcher’s Wolverine podcast. This will also be his second book in the ‘Dawn of X’ line, alongside “X-Force” with artist Joshua Cassara launching as part of wave 1 in November. Adam Kubert has also drawn his fair share of the Canadian mutant over his long career, having worked with Larry Hama on “Wolverine” in the 1990s, and on books like “Wolverine: Weapon X.” On the flip side, this marks Bogdanovic’s first ongoing title at Marvel, after working on DC Comics titles like “Action Comics,” “New Super-Man,” and “Aquaman.” Bogdanovic is set to draw the upcoming “2099 Alpha” #1 issue with writer Nick Spencer, which will be his first interior work for the company.

While the panel teased details for the upcoming wave 1 titles like “Marauders,” and “Excalibur,” no details on “Wolverine” were given. The character (or a version of him) has appeared in both of Jonathan Hickman, Pepe Larraz, R.B. Silva, and Marte Gracia’s “House of X” and “Powers of X’ books, though he hasn’t been a focal point of either series. “Powers of X” #6, the last issue of the alternating books, hits shelves this week on October 9, 2019. “Wolverine” #1 is out in February.

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