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    Woods and Baci Launch “Dismantlers” at Black Mask Studios

    By | February 21st, 2018
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    Black Mask Studios announced a new sci-fi series, “Dismantlers,” coming from artist Ashley A. Woods (“Niobe”, “Ladycastle”) and writer Aria Baci this May. According to Newsarama, “Dismantlers” will focus on the working class of sci-fi, a collection of grunts who tear down failed, futuristic projects throughout the galaxy:

    “This is not a story of a prestigious Federation or of a powerful Empire, but of the menial laborers who make it all possible, the unglamorous characters who work behind the scenes of galactic expansion,” reads Black Mask’s description of the series. “This is a story of their pillow talk, their break room banter, and their totally unforeseen fist fights with the pirates who jack their job sites out from under them.”

    So think less Star Trek and more “What if Firefly was about government workers?” Woods will provide art and main covers for the series, while Frankell Baramdyka provides the variant cover for issue 1. You can check out issue 1’s main cover below, and you can see the variant over at Newsarama. While this is Baci’s first series, she’s previously contributed to the Planned Parenthood anthology “Mine!” and is known for her work at The Mary Sue and Geeks OUT, as well as for organizing Flame Con.


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