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    Yost To Write Something For Spider-Man?

    By | September 30th, 2011
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    To help top us off for this week’s Marvel teasers (previously seen here, here and here), we now present what is probably the second to last teaser for the Point One series. The above teaser features a Spider-Man in a hoodie, one that assumedly connects to this teaser from August which recalls good ol’ Ben Reilly, and for some reason features a Daredevil mask. So really, this could mean anything.

    This particularly story will be written by Chris Yost, who wrote a Spider-Island tie-in with the Avengers one-shot (which featured the triumphant victory of Frog-Man), and artist Ryan Stegman, who is currently doing an absolutely bang-up job on the art for Fear Itself: Hulk vs. Dracula. Look for the issue in November 2011, and expect it to probably belong in your collection if you’re an avid Marvel-phile.

    Matthew Meylikhov

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