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    4 Color News and Brews: Dex

    By | July 19th, 2010
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    4 Color News and Brews is back once again, and this week we have our longest episode yet. 56 minutes of Brandon and myself discussing all of the biggest titles and all of the biggest news of the week, plus a few changes including the addition of a theme song – Yo La Tengo’s “Periodically Double and Triple” off 2009’s Popular Songs. Thanks to Yo La Tengo for permission, much appreciated!

    Our drinking word of the week is a deadly one: any time Dex (Brandon’s son) speaks…drink. I suggest bringing a lot of beer along your journey. As we note in the beginning, we do not promote underage drinking, nor drinking around children. But the show must go on!

    The titles we talk about include X-Men: Second Coming #2, Thanos Imperative #2, Superman #701, The Sixth Gun #1, and Strange Science Fantasy #1. For a change of pace, see below for minute points that will aid you in skipping to the review you’d like to see.

    X-Men: Second Coming #2: 1:21
    Superman #701: 10:51
    Thanos Imperative #2: 16:27
    The Sixth Gun #1: 22:17
    Strange Science Fantasy #1: 25:43

    News begins 29:58 in, and we discuss all of the recent creative team announcements, some theories as to what DC may announce at San Diego Comic Con (Morrison, anyone?), as well as a shout out to our favorite diary comic star Emi Lenox (48:52). Check it out everyone!

    4 Color News & Brews – Dex from Multiversity Comics on Vimeo.

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