4 Color News and Brews: The October MIR Project (Episode #89.6)

Brandon and David name their top books of the month, as Brandon unleashes Batman #13 from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, while David names FF #23 from Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta his top book. Make sure to vote on whose list you liked the most. For reference, here they are below.

Brandon’s Picks

1. Batman #13
2. Uncanny Avengers #1
3. FF #23
4. Batwoman #13
5. Uncanny X-Force #32
6. AvX Consequences #4
7. The Walking Dead #103
8. Astonishing X-Men #55
9. TMNT #15
10. Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #16.1

David’s List

1. FF #23
2. Invincible #96
3. Hawkeye #3
4. The Stars Below
5. Punk Rock Jesus #4
6. Fury MAX #6
7. Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan #2
8. Happy! #2
9. Fables #122
10. The Unwritten #42

About The AuthorDavid HarperDavid Harper mainly focuses on original content, interviews, co-hosting our 4 Color News and Brews video podcast, and being half of the Mignolaversity and Valiant (Re)visions team. He runs Multiversity's Twitter and Facebook pages, and personally tweets (rarely) @slicedfriedgold. By day, he works in an ad agency in Anchorage, Alaska, and he loves his wife, traveling and biscuits & gravy (ordered most to least, which is still a lot).

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About The AuthorBrandon BurpeeBurpee loves Superheroes, Alaskan IPA, 90's X-Men and is often one more beer away from a quotable.

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