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By | August 3rd, 2010
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4 Color News & Brews – Matt from Multiversity Comics on Vimeo.

We’re back with another edition of 4 Color News & Brews, with the word of the week this week being “Matt,” commemorating MC’s benevolent leader. Also, any time we say a variation of the word “cat” you have to drink as well. No cheating – Brandon and I do it, so should you!

With SDCC sucking the life out of news for a while, Brandon and I did a super charged week of reviews, taking a look at 9 different books and one movie. Plus, we have our best intro ever. It’s not to be missed.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Film Review: 2:25
X-Men Legacy #238 and Uncanny X-Men #526 – BATTLE REVIEW: 10:34
Green Lantern #56 and Green Lantern Corps #50 – BATTLE REVIEW: 18:47
Wolverine: Weapon X #15: 25:17
Secret Avengers #3: 31:36
Action Comics #891: 35:06
The Flash #4: 38:04
Justice League: Generation Lost #6: 42:50

If you have any questions for us to answer on the air or any suggestions, please email us at brandon@multiversitycomics.com or david@multiversitycomics.com.

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