4 Color News & Brews: Win, Lose or Draw

By | October 12th, 2010
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4 Color News & Brews: Win, Lose or Draw from Multiversity Comics on Vimeo.

This week on 4 Color News & Brews, Brandon and I are back with a big week of reviews and comic talk. It’s a Marvel dominated week of reviews, with six books from the House of Ideas and one from IDW. They include:

Deadpool MAX #1: 1:24
Wolverine #2: 6:42
Ultimate Comics Thor #1: 13:34
Avengers Academy #5: 19:19
Strange Science Fantasy #4: 25:48
Taskmaster #2: 33:50
Uncanny X-Force #1: 42:57

Shoot us an email if you have any suggestions or any questions you want us to answer on air at 4color@multiversitycomics.com, and thanks for watching!

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