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    Burpee’s Comic Book Asylum 2.0 Pt. 3

    By | March 23rd, 2011
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    Burpee finishes off this weeks videos with an extra sized edition! Burpee ponders life and comics as he discusses the following:

    • Amazing Spider-Man #656
    • Avengers vs New Ultimates #2
    • Invincible Iron Man #502
    • Morning Glories #8
    • 5 Ronin: Punisher #3
    • Fear Itself: Book of The Skull
    • Uncanny X-Force #5.1
    • Brightest Day #22

    If you like what you’ve seen this week, then you’ll enjoy things moving forward as the format becomes more refined and Burpee gets his grove back. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel here!!

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    Brandon Burpee

    Burpee loves Superheroes, Alaskan IPA, 90's X-Men and is often one more beer away from a quotable.


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