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    Burpee’s Comic Book Asylum X-Mas Special!

    By | December 25th, 2009
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    Burpee’s Comic Book Asylum returns for this Holiday one-shot! New info about the Asylum’s status as well as a look at some gifts Burpee got for X-Mas from in-laws and industry peeps. So to all a Happy Holidays and be sure to stay tuned for future episodes of the Asylum right here at Multiversity Comics!


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    Brandon Burpee

    Burpee loves Superheroes, Alaskan IPA, 90's X-Men and is often one more beer away from a quotable.


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    Burpee’s Comic Asylum

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    Welcome back, Inmates! Another week, another set of reviews in store for you. This week Burpee talks about Green Lantern #64, Green Lantern Corps #58, Uncanny X-Force #6, Ultimate Spider-Man #156, Ultimate Doom #4, Batman: Streets of Gotham #21, FF #1, Invincible #78, Haunt #14 and more!So get a beer and keep it here ’cause […]

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    Burpee’s Comic Book Asylum 2.0 Pt. 3

    By | Mar 23, 2011 | Podcasts

    Burpee finishes off this weeks videos with an extra sized edition! Burpee ponders life and comics as he discusses the following:Amazing Spider-Man #656Avengers vs New Ultimates #2Invincible Iron Man #502Morning Glories #85 Ronin: Punisher #3 Fear Itself: Book of The SkullUncanny X-Force #5.1Brightest Day #22If you like what you’ve seen this week, then you’ll enjoy […]

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