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Comics Syllabus 015 – Poetry Comics w Paul K Tunis; Ignatz, Bianca Xunise, and “Your Black Friend” by Ben Passmore

By | September 19th, 2017
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Welcome to the Comics Syllabus podcast, where we read widely and we dig deep. Your host Paul, a literacy researcher and English teacher, sometimes partnering with comics critics, creators, and scholars and sometimes solo on the mic, introduces curious readers to a range of current and classic comics, and then engages in closer discussion and analysis of particular comics works.


Or download the podcast episode here.

On this week’s Comics Syllabus podcast, Paul has the pleasure of speaking with Paul K. Tunis, comics poet (find him at and an editor for InkBrick (at, the poetry comics journal, for a General Ed segment (at 4:58) to look at how comics do poetry, with the example of Tunis’ own beautiful and troubling work (see “Paper Mice” above, as well as many examples on his website). More artists and stuff listed in the links below…

(At 1:01:00) Then, Paul discusses two Ignatz Award winners from this past weekend at Small Press Expo (SPX), “Your Black Friend” by Ben Passmore (available at and “Say Her Name” by Bianca Xunise (available at Paul explores cartooning and racial discourse in these times, touches on criticism and comics art, and sings kumbaya with more than a little hesitation.

Finally, in the Discussion Section (1:43:05), shout outs some good friends and a few questions and recs from you listener-participants of the Syllabus out there.

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William Blake:

Joe Brainard C Comics:

Matthea Harvey:

Alexander Rothman:

Warren Craghead:



SPX Ignatz Awards:

Washington Post Comic Riffs coverage:

Mary Sue coverage:

Preview pages from “Your Black Friend” by Ben Passmore from Silver Sprocket at



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