Make Mine Multiversity Episode 110: It’s About Terrifying Sausage Fingers, Innit? Gaiman & JRJR’s Eternals

By and | March 3rd, 2023
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Welcome Back to Mine Multiversity: A Marvel Podcast! Each episode we’ll be looking at Marvel books, old and new! We discuss fun Marvel comics, Marvel news, Marvel history, and all things Chuck Austen. Wait. Hold on. I meant Gaiman & JRJR. There we go.

Make Mine Multiversity is a twice-monthly podcast that premieres on the first and third Friday of every month. It’s as regular as Eternals resurrecting through the machine that is Earth.

Despite our detour into the Marvel Max era with Chuck Austen’s infamous and nearly impossible to track down “The Eternal” at the start, we’re back to talk “Eternals” Vol. 3 #1-7 aka the one by Neil Gaiman and John Romita Jr. Digressions include the history of comics as summarized by 60 years of lawsuits, what is up with that art, and whether or not the comic worked as intended/did we like what was intended. At least we’re out of the 90s, is all I (Elias) can say.

Next time, we take a jump one year into the future to read the FOURTH volume of “Eternals” #1-9 and Annual #1. You can find those collected in “Eternals,” Vol. 1: To Slay a God (#1-6) and Vol. 2: Manifest Destiny (#7-9, Annual #1). We’re in the home stretch everyone!

Shout off in the comment section below and get the conversation started or share them on Twitter (while it still exists) using the hashtag #MakeMineMultiversity. Elias can be found on Twitter @Quetzelish and Jaina @Rambling_Moose. Our theme music is “Excelsior” by Carol Romo.

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