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    Make Mine Multiversity Episode 28: Events, Endings, and Epilogues

    By | July 19th, 2019
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    Welcome to Make Mine Multiversity: A Marvel Podcast! Each episode we will look at the pressing Marvel news, review some current titles, television shows, or movies, or take a look at celebrated stories from Marvel’s past.

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    The whole gang is back together…only to say goodbye to Nick as he’s written off the show! Kevin and Jess chat with Nick one last time about June/July 2019 news like the “Fantastic Four: Grand Design” announcement. The crew share some thoughts about Spider-Man: Far From Home before reviewing “Ms. Marvel Annual” #1, “Giant Sized X-Statix” #1, and “War of the Realms” #6.

    Thoughts on the show, or about Marvel Comics in general? Share them on Twitter using the hashtag #MakeMineMultiversity. You can find Kevin on Twitter at @kbgregory13, Nick at @NPalmieriWrites, and Jess at @JessCamNJ.

    Our show isn’t going anywhere, but there will be some changes in the upcoming months so stay tuned! We’ll be back in a couple weeks with our SDCC rundown and to review “House of X” #1 and “Powers of X” #1!

    The show is available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and other places so please subscribe! You can also listen above or download it here.

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    Kevin Gregory

    Host of the Make Mine Multiversity Marvel podcast, Kevin is a displaced Texan currently in graduate school at The University of Chicago Divinity School. Feel free to email him about history, philosophy, theology, and politics (you know all those things people want out of comics). He's on Twitter @kbgregory13.


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